Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tattoo Graphics and Designs For Woman

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This blog is dedicated to woman who enjoy tattoos. Whether the tattoo your looking for is small or large I'm sure you will find a design to fit your personality.

It's the year 2010 and tattoos are more popular than ever.  Many years ago most people identified tattoos with bikers and gangs but now tattoos are considered fashionable.

People nowadays get tattoos to help express their personalities and many people nowadays get a tattoo in remembrance of someone they love so very much.

OK, so many people are getting tattooed and it's usually because someone feels very strongly about the art in general but what about people who just want a little something for style or fashion?  There are literally thousands of different small simple designs for the person who would like to get a tattoo.  Many woman like to tattooed with a small star or a tattoo around their ankle, top of shoulder and many get tattooed on their lower back.  If your considering getting a tattoo and not sure what tattoo to get, take a look the designs below to give yourself an idea of what you might want.  Enjoy the designs.

Ankles and Lower Leg

Tattoos For The Shoulders

Tattoos For The Back

Tattoos For The Hands

Tattoo For The Thighs

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